Land Development Services

  1. Land Planning: Navigating through agency approval is very complicated. Understanding zoning code is very important so that we can help our clients through their due diligence while selecting properties. Our Team has extensive experience working with these agencies and over the years have built strong relationships with the various jurisdictions.
  2. Design: The process of building a site includes working with many different consultants. Not all these consultants are “Created Equal”, working with the wrong consultants can cost your project time and money through consultant backlog and poor design. Our Team has worked with all these professionals and have gained a working process of navigating approvals with the consultants and agencies.
  3. Construction Management: As with the design of a site, constructing a site also has many different contractors and working with the wrong one can cost you time, which in this market is money! Our Team has developed excellent working relationships with our preferred contractors, they know if they provide good work, we will make sure prompt payment is provided. We work with our clients, so they are getting a fair price and we work with our contractors to make sure we are within budgets and timelines.
  4. Final Plat Recording and Project Close Out: Now that the site is built, the process is far from over. Final Plat recording or close out is a tedious process documenting that all the agency’s condition has been met. Our Team takes direct control of that process to ensure those processes are smooth and timely. Remember, TIME IS MONEY, and in this real estate market the quicker you get the product on the market the quicker you see returns!

A Team Land Development & Realtor

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